There are so many ways to get involved and support our mission.

You could help to raise awareness, join the register, or take on a fundraising challenge.

We are making a difference.

DKMS is a donor recruitment centre and stem cell registry. We fight blood diseases like leukaemia through the recruitment of stem cell donors and maintaining a registry of potential donors committed to helping anyone in need of a life-saving (bone marrow) stem cell transplant. We fund raise to cover the cost of education and awareness about the need for and the process to become a blood stem cell donor as well as to cover the cost of the HLA tissue-typing test involved in the recruitment of donors. DKMS also maintains a patient support fund to assist patients who are unable to afford costs associated with getting to transplant as well as being actively involved in creating a platform for support structures to assist patients, families and communities.

Together we can fight life-threatening blood disorders. Be somebody’s hope for life by registering to be a stem cell donor, donating money or volunteering.

We provide blood cancer patients
with a second chance at life.

The vision of DKMS is to fight blood cancer. That’s why we are constantly working to convince as many people as possible to join the blood stem cell register.

Vivian de Klerk (2011)

[Vivian de Klerk] At the age of 23 I was diagnosed with a very rare, chronic and debilitating bone marrow […]

Michaela Shoebotham (2018)

Michaela Shoebotham is a 32-year old wife and mother of 2 gorgeous boys.  She is also a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (cancer) […]

Rachel Ancer (2017)

[Jonathan Ancer] Dr Marc Hendricks handed me a piece of paper. It was a jumble of letters and numbers that […]


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